Charity and Community Engagement

云世界彩票In addition to our commitment to provide a safe and secure gaming environment for our customers, we recognise we have a wider responsibility to support charities located in the communities in which our offices are located. As a business we make donations to a variety of responsible gambling organisations across multiple countries.

云世界彩票CSR goes beyond responsible gaming and as a Group we actively encourage and support our employees’ involvement within local communities. We operate a Pro Bono scheme which encourages all employees to spend up to two days out of the office on charitable, community or environmental projects each year. In 2017, we substantially increased engagement in the programme, with our staff contributing over 2,000 hours on a varied range of community projects including homeless shelters, children’s orphanages, helping the elderly and animal shelters.

Compared to 2016, we increased our contribution to responsible gambling charities/organisations by 39%. Through the scheme our employees have worked on homeless projects in Gibraltar, Sofia and Vienna, while in London and Vienna they have assisted a number of local charities for the elderly. Our Hyderabad workforce has a long standing tradition and commitment to working closely with numerous educational and child-centric charities, providing funds and volunteers at various schools and orphanages. Over in the Philippines our employees have worked with local schools, providing goods and services. Environmental and wildlife projects
supported during the year included cleaning up a local beach in Gibraltar to help protect local marine life and the building of new enclosures for Wildlife Heritage Foundation and local farms.