Our strategy and vision

Our strategy is to build further scale and increase our international diversification through leveraging our proven proprietary technology, established brands and high quality personnel.

In an increasingly competitive and regulated industry, we believe scale and diversification will enable us to continue to create shareholder value through capital and income growth.

云世界彩票Whilst we are excited by the organic potential, we believe the online gaming industry will continue to consolidate. Historically, GVC has delivered significant shareholder value through M&A and this remains a core component of our strategy.

Our vision

  • To be a top three player in core markets.
  • To provide best in class product offer.

Our strategy

  • To build further scale and international diversification.


云世界彩票Brands support our strategic ambition through:

  • Being a valuable commodity in a competitive market
  • Building trust with players
  • Building trust with business partners
  • Enabling us to develop a diverse international customer footprint

The strength of our brands is reflected in the strong growth in 2017. Over the past year we have increased investment in our brands through marketing spend and product development. This investment is focused on core markets where we are able to generate the most attractive returns.


云世界彩票Technology supports our strategic ambition through giving us the ability to:

  • Independently drive product development without relying on third parties
  • Develop the scale and flexibility to enter new markets and/or adapt to regulatory changes
  • Improve our operational leverage
  • Create the potential to extract significant synergies through acquisitions
  • Offer our customers distinct, best in class products and services.

云世界彩票Our technology has proven scalability in terms of both geographic diversification and volume. Not only does this give us flexibility when it comes to organic expansion and product development, but it also presents the opportunity for substantial value creation through M&A.


People support our strategic ambition through:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Ambition
  • Drive

云世界彩票In a dynamic industry such as ours, people are key to the success of the business. GVC has an impressive track record of retaining our core people. With the Ladbrokes Coral acquisition we have supplemented our pool of expertise with some of the industry’s leading talent. Working with our existing people, they will be a key driver to the continued success of the Group.

How we deliver it


  • ROI focused marketing
  • Product and service development
  • Focus on core markets
  • Improved CRM and BI
  • Cross-sell


  • Focus on underweight markets
  • Regulated and unregulated
  • Prefer online but flexible
  • B2C
  • Technology